anjaneya anugraham

Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Sri Rama. He is one of the central figures in the Hindu epic Ramayana and its various versions. As one of the Chiranjivi,

hanuman jayanthi

Hanuman Jayanti or Hanumath Jayanti is celebrated on the 15th day of the Shukla Paksha, during the month of Chaitra This day marks the birth of Lord Sri Hanuman, who is immensely venerated throughout India and Nepal. Described as the son of Vaayu god, Hanuman is known as a devout follower

shiva puja with rice on every monday

Every human being has financial difficulties in life. Economic worries are more difficult than man rather than all suffering. As the debts grow, the man loses peace of mind. If we put our problems at the foot of that Parameshvar and pray with devotion, he will certainly solve our problems.

things to be in pooja room

When we have our temple, we need to take care of the pooja room, but some luxury things are just a few pucca and a lot of pleasure. First: -Wooden cut of house! Yes Kavvam in the house asks Lakshmi that it is considered as the subject of the Lakshmi as

tadastu devatha

That means the tale is going to be as intended. That is, when we come from the mouth of something good or bad, there are the top gods. They are called 'Tathasu' .. That's why when you speak, be careful to say Achi tucci. Even the elders give us a

monkey darshan at saibaba samadhi

Shirdi is a saint of tens of thousands of people. There are many religions and disputes in our country between Hindu and Muslim religions. Devotees belonging to both religions are devotees of devotees Sai Baba. His devotees believe that Sai said that if I offered your burden, I would give

kanipakam ganapathi temple story and secrets

This idol is unique. The size of the statue is growing day by day. This is proof that the crown of silver is not matched just 55 years ago. The land where the temple is now is the land of three brothers. One of them is dumb, another deaf and another