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potuluri veera brahmendra swamy kala gnanam

The wonders of the world will naturally be of interest to most of the Brahmangari ecclesiastical aspects predicted before. In the chronology, Brahmana pointed to any aspects. Many people want to know what the world is about to wonder. Brahmangari Glory is anticipation of some future predictions. Some Brahmangar

riceflour for mahashiva for every monday

  Every Monday head Every Monday should be shampooed with water just without shampoo, while drinking water on the mantra three times as ganasanam karishshmi. Before Shiva If the Shiva lingam is present, it is necessary to submit it and the bilateral paper should be given to the photographer, if the flowers do not

maha nidi

In the context of Hindu mythology, Nidhi, that is, a treasure, constituted of nine treasures (nawanidhi) belonging to Kubera (also spelt as Kuvera), the god of wealth. According to the tradition, each nidhi is personified as having a guardian spirit, and some tantrikas worship them. The nature and characteristics of

how to remove your shani

Shani or Saturn is the most fiery planet, according to Vedic astrology. Saturn is the slowest moving planet in the solar system. Due to this, it is a cold, barren, dry, secretive planet and its effects are felt with greater intensity and for longer periods than any other planet. It