Interesting Facts About Lord Shiva

Sri Shambhu Lingeswara Temple is one of the most celebrated temples in Nalgonda district. The presiding the temple is Lord Shiva in the divine form of Sambhu Lingeswara Swamy. Lord Shiva here is believed to be self-incarnated. The temple is believed to be at least thousand years old making it

thursday go to hanuman temple

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.the precious things like gold and silver.

The mind becomes calm when you go to the temple. It will sprout with devotion. The mouth is shaken with the prayer of the priest. That same priest laddino, sugar pongalino, puliharono .... If you offer valuables such as gold and silver .... Wondering.! It is true that you heard.

ganesh in bikkavolu temple is very famous

This is what happens in the ear of the Lord Ganesha. Vakrutunda Mahakaya, Koti Surya Sambabha, Nirvintam Kurumedeva, All Karaesu is the blessing of the wishes of Ganesha. All the devotees worship the Lord Ganesha as the Supreme Leader of all of them, and all the gods know that he

OMG! Lord Hanuman Is Alive! Proof Going Viral

We all have grown up hearing tales of Hanuman’s innocence, bravery, compassion, strength and bravery. But one thing that always surprised us the most is the belief ‘Lord Hanuman is still alive’! Some devotees claim that the tales of Lord Rama and Krishna’s departure from the earth are popular, but

Dwaraka Tirumala Temple.

Dwaraka Tirumala Devasthanam is situated on the top of the Seshachala Hill. It is Swayambhu. The feet of Lord Venkateswara are in Valmikam(Ant-hill). During Tretayuga Emperor Aja, Grand Father of Lord Shri Rama worshipped this Presiding deity.

Facts About Kanaka Durga Temple

1. Famous Durga Temple Famous Durga Temple The Kanaka Durga Temple is a famous Hindu temple of Goddess Kanaka Durga, located in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The temple is located on Indrakeeladri Hill, on the banks of Krishna river. 2. Kaalika Puraana Kaalika Puraana, Durgaa Sapthashati and other Vedic literature have mentioned Goddess Kanaka Durga

Biggest Secrets about Vaitarani river in Hell

Where is it How to go Located about 20 km from Wakarabad is the town of Uru. From here, you can reach Vikarabad by train or road from Hyderabad. From here you can go to local and local buses. The Mandalay Center also has a transportation facility from Nawabpet. The Shankarpalli