Lord Shiva Puja

శివుడిని ప్రసన్నం చేసుకోవాలి అంటే ఏ మంత్రాన్ని జపించండి..

worlds biggest vishnu temple

In ancient times the Kumbhjoba had a Hindu culture in the country. History shows that the Hindu king Kampuchea was ruled by the second Suryavar who built the temple during the 9th centuries. According to China records, the region was ruled by the rulers of the Bharata Katta. Indian ancient

shiva linga in uttarpradesh scients excited about it

There may be many shivling on earth. But the special ceppaboyedi here, maybe you do not even look like this idivarakennadu. It is also not worth the least hearing. Pratyekatemiti Lingam want this? Find out the shivling of the shiva here! Enti? Moving Shiva Lingam! Linga, there will be a

lord shiva face can be seen on mount kailash

People around the world have people who worship the gods of many religions. There are some atheists too. On the other side, many of the people living on earth will worship something in harmony with their wishes. There are many who worship the gods like Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

swaroopananda address in lalitha kala thoranam

Dwarka Pradhan Swaroopananda Swamy once again made sensational comments about Shirdi Sai Baba. Shrutupanandha participated in the 'Guruvavadam' program organized by Lalithakala in Hyderabad. Speaking on the occasion, Swapapandan said that in Andhra Pradesh, every house in Telangana is being worshiped in a temple in the name of a Bhooti. 'Do

potuluri veera brahmendra swamy kala gnanam

The wonders of the world will naturally be of interest to most of the Brahmangari ecclesiastical aspects predicted before. In the chronology, Brahmana pointed to any aspects. Many people want to know what the world is about to wonder. Brahmangari Glory is anticipation of some future predictions. Some Brahmangar

don’t take this from things from anyone

From friends, from rolls, from siblings ... someone like this can be used by somebody. Knowing that our belongings will pass negative energy from one another to another. In addition, you can cause misery and loss in terms of money and health. You are a barrier to rising up in